Everyone’s a Winner with the Eco-Defenders!

Want to get prizes, help the environment and have fun? Then come to Berries & Blooms and become an Eco-Defender! And it’s not just for kids . . . it’s for adults, too.

How does this work? Check-in at Eco-Defenders Headquarters on June 16th and get deputised by the 1st Beamsville Scout Troup. Then you can do one of several tasks to earn points — pick-up recyclables, pick up garbage and/or help with the composting. You will be rewarded with 1 point for every recyclable. You can also get rewards based on the time volunteered either helping pick up garbage, sorting compost or helping out the Scouts. For every half hour volunteered we’ll give you 30 points.

At any time you can turn in your points for any of the available rewards. And you can even get something with only a single point! We have tons of toys, candy and other small items for 1 to 10 points so anyone can earn a reward. And there will be bigger rewards like tickets to events, gift certificates, etc.

So go green with us and become an Eco-Defender!!!